Aug 12, 2014

Tags & design update (and cute magical girls)

Wild Canada geese with chicks at Korkeasaari Zoo.
I'm currently in the middle of organizing my bookshelves and all the stuff in there to prepare for a move this fall (once I get that TOAS apartment), so no planner or room posts just yet. (I have great ideas for them, though!)

While that is still underway, I'm doing small changes here and there on this blog an numerous other platforms. For example, I don't actually turn 20 until Sep 19th, but I might not get to update all my profiles in due time, or visit them too rarely, so I've updated a few places as early as in mid-July (which is... only two months before the actual date!)

I think it's also notable that I'm probably going to stick my fandom related things towards my LJ from now on to leave this blog more space for general life stuff, uni, and planners.
I got obsessed, can you see? I went and added all the nice A5 Filofaxes into my wishlist, along with the metal holepunch. I added mostly pricey ones like Classic and Malden, but also Fusion and Metropol from the lower price range. I know that normal A5 Filos are HUGE and heavy, but I want them nonetheless. Fusion especially seems very nice, as does Malden. So many pockets and loops and...

*deep sigh* This was not supposed to be a planner post, but a meta post.

I mean really cute. (CureWiki)
So I've been reading My Life All in One Place, and his questionnaire posts with screenshots from other blogs made me more conscious about my own blog's looks. I've tried a lot of things over the years (as you can see from the archive, this blog is four and a half years old!), but nothing ever seemed right for me. I'll try to stick with one design for at least a few months from now on, though. This was also the second time I changed the name of this blog. In the beginning it was "The Lost Heroes" since I was really interested in Star Wars at the time and wanted to incorporate it everywhere. Over the time I changed it to "With the Wrong Hand" (minds out of the gutter please), reflecting the fact I was a leftie. The current name ("Shower of Light") comes from the song "Ganbalance de Dance" (Dance the Ganbalance), which is Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star's second ending theme. The exact line is "Hikari no Shower o abite" ("You'll bathe in a shower of light", see the japanese trend for using english words in songs it's actually pronounced sha-waa, not shouwo (I can't phonetically type English, gdi)), which I think is really cute. The whole song is such a great up-beat song, and it's meant for dancing. The franchise has kept these dance endings for ten years (I haven't yet seen the new HaChaPre ending! I think it's name was Party Night, but don't quote me on that. I don't want to google it and spoil myself the visuals.) and it's a really great way to make the kids excited about the comign day. (Yes, PreCure is aimed 6-12 year old girls. I'm watching it pecause it's hella cute and awesome. And has the best songs.)

And really, (she's 14)
really, (dueling a bud guy with a sword made of magic ice)
really badass. (That stone is about the size of a city block.) (Thank you PreCure Screencaps @ Tumblr)
So because of PreCure I thought of pink for a moment, but it didn't seem to fit this bg. Probably I'll next change into rainbow-colored with cat paw print bg, or into an even more ... muted theme so that the content will pop out. Until then, this earthy green will do.
As you can see, I also made all the fonts rather... boring. I used to have TNR, but that was too boring and I really wanted a sans-serif font, so Verdana it was. (Titles are Trebuchet.)
(I'm making this post at night without ant plan of what I'm going to write, so my stuff usually ends up rambly like this.) That one probably didn't mean anything to you unless you need to tackel stuff like this yourself, like if you have a website or do graphical design.

(ie. my first con got just hella interesting...)

So anyway, I have yet to talk about the first thing I mentioned in the title: tags. Sinc eI'm now moving away from fandom talk on this blog, I'll probably remove all specific tags and only leave the general ones, eg. fandom, and possibly create another blanket tag for any future MG shenanigans. They will happen, trust me. Also there will be many fandom posts, especially if I get to print stuff for my future planner.... (more about that sometime, I promise!)
Now I gotta go to bed, but see you next time!
~ Amy

Aug 11, 2014

Blog revamp & new stuff in life

Tästä lähtien kaikki blogiotsikot on enkuksi, ja tekstit yleensä myös enkuksi. Sorry. (From now on posts will mostly be in English.)

I haven't blogged since Nov '13, bad me. Well, I won NaNo, lost April Camp, won July camp. That's about everything important on the writing front. Oh and there's Pretty Cure Safe Harbor!
On the life front: I started in college, dropped out, got half-diagnozed with depression, applied to University of Tampere AND GOT IN. On the first try, even. The entrance exam was pretty hard, and I had some 700 pages or so to read for it. (I applied to the infomation sciences and english programs, and the English is the one I was accepted into.)
Currently I'm waiting for an apartment so I could move to Tampere. I'm just hoping it'll happen sooner than later. Their new system has constant problems and currently it seems we can't edit our applications (= I can't add more locations to my appl.)

Oh yeah, and I graduated high school! It was so long ago (Dec 13) that I've already forgotten. Other than that, my life has been pretty uneventful. Well... I went partying a few times (college student life is active, you just gotta participate!) and was on a cruise in March. Then just last week I was in Cologne, Germany, with my family. It was fun, although I got terrible blisters and the tap water was horrible. At least I figured juice + carbonated water tastes a lot like Fanta or other fruit-flavored soda.

Speaking of Cologne, I need to make a post of all the stuff I bought. AND A PLANNER POST. And a few room posts. So my blog is moving away from fandom things and towards planning, organizing, studying and stuff like that. Probably also food.

So I've really got nothing to really talk about in this post, but I wanna show you some photos I've taken between Jan 13 and late Aug 13, which was when I purged my phone's pics to computer.

My room is right next to our front door and has a corner window. There's also a light over the door, which automatically goes on at night. So usually at around 3am at summer, when the Sun is rising but the light is still on, my window looks like this from the inside. It's such a pretty occurrence that I tend to take pics when I notice it. (Speaking of nights, it's supermoon again tonight!)

 Don't ask what I'm doing awake at that hour :'D Usually I've stayed up reading fanfics on my phone. I don't do it as often anymore, as I take melatonin to help me sleep so I'm out before 1am.

Summer 13 was a bit of a memory lane for me on some occasions. I didn't have anything to do, but I had stupid ideas, so I tried cycling for a few days. It didn't go too well in the end, but on the first day I cycled past the small grove of some sort I used to spend time in when I was younger, and decided to take a look around.
It was pretty much the same as I remembered, except it felt smaller than before. That was kinda expected, as I have grown a foot since then. (I was tiny in elementary years!) The grove has a fairytale feel to it despite being in the middle of a tightly built suburb's edge. One side has a sidewalk, and the other ends with people's backyards, so it's pretty much the shape of an american football ball. It's a rocky tiny hill, which is probably why it's still there: it would cost too much to move all the huge rocks away. The trees are mostly alders and birches, but I think there is a spruce or too in there, too.
In the upper pic there are really great rocks for sitting. It's hidden under those branches and is in the back of the grove, away from sight. So it's no surprise that the ground was littered with beer cans here. It's the perfect spot to indulge in some underage drinking without your parents noticing.
I don't know whether it would be braver to go there alone or with someone else for me. I'm terrified of nettles and this area had them in spades, so I can only go there in spring and early summer, when the plants are still fairly small. I'm afraid of really stupid things and get anxious too easily. It's something I should mention to my therapist / youth worker, but I don't keep a list of those things so I tend to forget it all the time. (I'm going to rant more about my issues in a later post. It's no use ranting about self-diagnosed problems before getting a professional opinion on them.)

Aditi in her Fire Nation -style clothes
Last November my NaNovel was "When Good Girls Go to War", which was a genderswapped version of Avatar: the Last Airbender with the old "fangirl ends up in story" plot. The fangirl in question was Amy Cherryclaw from RJO, who is my go-to char for any random projects. In PCSH, which is set in RJO universe, Amy is an alcoholic, PTSD suffering 37-year-old homemom with five kids and a former emperor for a husband. Sounds complicated when written like this, but she's not the center of that story. (Her youngest daughter and her friends are!)

So in GGW, a 19-year-old Amy finds herself in the Southern Air Temple at around the same time the Avatar's ice ball is broken. The genderswap was really limited, I only turned Zuko and Aang into girls and left everyone else as they were. I also made fem!Zuko a lesbian, and fem!Aang ace. (Amy is bi, if you wanted to know.)
Pretty much everyone was also age-lifted into middle to late teenage years, instead of being mostly tweens or early teens. Aditi and Toph are 15, and the oldest main character is Suki (or Amy, I'm not sure), who turns 19 before the end of the story. Jet is probably also 20 instead of 16, but the old guys can keep their vague ages. Katara and Sokka also swapped relations, and in GGW Katara is the older one (by three years!)

A wallaby at the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki
GGW is also my h/c dump project as of right now. I used to have dozens of few-para h/c text files in Drive, but it's better when I can stick as many as possible into the same continuity. (I have an unfortunate habit of hurting Zuko/Zula in the most twisted ways.)

The problem is, I've only written less than a third of GGW! I only wrote the first three chaps of Book 1, some NTW and SotN business, something to go between books 1 and 2, and then jumped straight into the Western Air Temple time so I could write some more Zula h/c. I need to incorporate old Silver Lining into GGW but since the major chars know each other very early, the plot is going to change somewhat in the middle of Book 2.

 I think that was all for tonight. Cologne shopping, planner stuff and room cleaning posts to arrive before 15th. Uni will start on 18th, and I'll be bunking at a friend's until I get an apartment of my own.


Nov 8, 2013

Arf arf

Ahem jos tännekin laittais taas vaihteeks jotain eloa. Edellinen posti kun on maaliskuulta. Noh, kuten tuosta oikealta näkee, päätin osallistua nanowrimoon, ja vaikka näyttääkin värit aika kurjilta, niin olen (vielä) aikataulussa. Nyt kun vaan saisin rykäistyä toisen kymppitonnipäivän niin pääsisin taas edelle. (HEI! Miks ton viikko alkaa sunnuntaista! Sen pitäis olla vaihtoehto eikä pakko.)
Tuhosin myös enkkublogini ja siirsin kaikki sen postaukset tänne. Ne on nyt sekasin tuolla suomipostinkien välissä. En nyt vielä tiedä teenkö tästä kaksikielistä blogia, todnäk en, sillä enhän mä tänne muutenkaan paljon mitään kirjota. (typot kuuseen)

Saan lakin nyt joulukuussa! Se on istunu hyllyn päällä mun huoneessa kohta vuoden (varmaan ylikin) ja nyt sen saa viimein oikein luvan kanssa laittaa päähänsä! Muttah sitten sen jälkeen... Huhhuh. Hain tänä syksynä Laureaan ja Haaga-Heliaan tietojenkäsittelyyn, ja tulokset (eli pääsenkö sinne vai en) tulee viimeistään 26. ja yo-kokeiden tulokset viimeistään 22. Sen jälkeen näen lähdenkö Espooseen opiskelemaan. Vaikka sinne pääsisinkin, niin haen sitten kevään yhteishaussa Tampereen yliopistoon lukemaan englantia ja/tai inf... mikä lienikään mistä valmistuu kirjastonhoitajia. Periaatteessa ajattelin lukea molempia, eli sitä minne en pääse niin sivuaineena, niin sitten saan kirjastonhoitajan/-virkailijan pätevyyden ja olisi kuitenkin tarpeeksi koulutusta ruhtyä ammattikääntäjäksi.

Takaisin blogin pariin, säädän noita tageja aika lailla nyt, ja osa niistä saattaa kylläkin jäädä enkunkielisiksi... Ihan vain koska joskus enkku on mielstäni helpompaa kuin suomi.

Mar 23, 2013

Dishonor on you

Mä haluan rantata suomeks joten mä ranttaan suomeks...


.... *huoh* mä en enää edes osaa valittaa kunnolla (saati kirjoittaa...)

Siis... tää The Searchin eka osa tuli keksiviikkona ja ihmiset on ihan 'up in arms' tän yhden paljastuksen takia. Ja varmasti kaikki ylireagoi. Mä en itse edes vielä ole lukenut tota sarjista, pitäis kyllä koska siinä on kaikki kullat <3 Mutta thanks to Tumblr ja spoilit, mä tiedän kaiken tärkeän... "tärkeän". Tämäkin on vaan niitä tilanteita kun vaan haluaa halata Zukoa. (*tuijottaa tuota alempaa kuvaa*)

*huoh* Mä en myöskään kovin usein puhu RJOsta täällä suomiblogin puolella mutta on mainittava että olen jo kirjoittanut tästä koko hommasta kattavan reaktioficin... ainakin päässäni. Azula on kyllä ihan väärin kirjoitettu ja mun pitää miettiä Ursa ja Iroh kunnolla läpi koska Zuko ite ei kehtaa/pysty kysymään tätä asiaa äidiltään joten Amy joutuu asiamieh- asianaiseksi. (Ja onhan puolison perheen kanssa aina hauska asioida)

... muuta RJOsta? Satine ja Obi-Wan odottaa lasta ja Ahsokalla ja Barrisilla on säröilevä ystävyys vitokauden finaalin takia. Ja Anakin syyttää itseään. Sitten tosta vasta soppa syntyy kun Mace Windu liittyy syksyllä seuraan...

Jan 31, 2013

Rise and Shine, my apprentice

Just checked out the Blogger feed for previous two weeks (I haven't been really active) and I found this. So there's a new Star Wars book coming out in May and... "Dawn of the Jedi"? I have heard that somewhere.

Actually, no. I haven't heard that anywhere. But the fifth Warriors saga begins this March, named... "Dawn of the Clans". As name implies, it's set before the original saga, back when the Clans were being formed.

Now, I don't pay much attention to Star Wars books, because they form a whole universe with too much people and too many plots for me to handle, so I tend to only read books that are set near the movies. So, from the book despcription, I got the impression that "Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void" is set way before the movies, even before the Old Republic. So is it just me, or is there a theme here?

Two massive book series, after finishing with a very... dramatic book ("Omen of the Star 6: the Last Hope" and "Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse"), that jump back to the beginning of the series' timeline? Can't be coincidence.

I'm sorry for the title

Sep 30, 2012

There are no comic books in Finland

Excuse my 'WTF' title, but it's true. Comic books don't exist in Finland in the same way they exist in US. There are no comic book stores or crazy collectors(IMO).

Truthfully, the only comic 'book' making any success is Donald Duck -serial. It's about 50 pages per issue, and a new one comes out every Wednesday. On top of that, there are monthly pocketbooks and big hardcover collections.

To give you some scale, I might as well describe the magazine shelf in any big store: there are lots of DD-paperbacks, some manga, and then collectibles, and then kiddy magazines(that may include comics), and then magazines for teens and adults. Oh yeah, and paperback books are before the comics. Seriously. Book stores don't sell comic books, and specific stores for comics only are non-existent.

Now I don't usually say it's a problem, since I read just manga, actual books and the TCW magazine that Titan publishes. (The double-translated. It first goes to Sweden and then comes in Finland. It sucks. The last issue just reviewed Water War.)

The pic I chose for this post is actually the problem. As you can see, it's an Avengers character'dictionary', with over 200 pages. It's almost 30 euros, and I had my mom buy it for me (I'm poor : <). Total waste of money. The Star Wars book one shelf below would've been more fun, and it was cheaper.

That book isn't for Marvel Cinematic Universe, not even for Ultimates. It's for the original Marvel series. (I think it's Earth-616, feel free to correct me.) That's so outlandish here in Finland that I just read a few pages of this book and then set it aside. There are mentions to Civil War, and many other story arcs I don't have any idea of. My question is: why bring a book like this to market when no-one in the target group will be able to understand it?

Just from the Iron Man's page: there's the fact that Stark used to be the Secretary of Defence, he can access any computer in the world, was one of the founding members of SHIELD... Even his backstory is different from MCU. Plus, the pages have factoids, not any concrete information. Captain America's page kinda spoils that he(Steve) dies in the comics and Bucky takes his place, and a lot of other stuff.

As I said earlier, I'm used to there being a lot of canon material I don't have access to, but this is ridiculous. This book has no point being sold in Finland, since practically no-one will be familiar with the actual stories.

(Then what kind of comics do we have? Well, newspaper strips are the most popular, I think. Most of the actual comics are sold in kids' magazines that have all sorts of toys with them. I think some war-themes comics exist, but they are only sold in biggest stores, and even then they are nearby the kids' section. Sucks to be a Finn.)

Sep 29, 2012

Shoot to thrill

Long time no see! With TCW S5 starting today, I better get my Avengers-review out of the way. Slight spoilers for The Avengers, spoilers for both Iron Mans. (And I'm going to assume the readers know who's who in and out of suit, so I'm not gonna repeat the names and such like I did in the original.)

(This is a translated (and slightly edited/expanded) post from my Finnish blog, Väärällä kädellä. Finns, you're welcome to read this over there, as well, if my English is confusing and/or you want to hear my opinion without Iron Man movies.)

(Note: DVD was released on the fifth of September here in Finland, which is how I'd seen the movie two times before the US release: I got the DVD on the 26th, and before that I had rented it on the 16th.)

So guess who saw the movie two weeks ago and watched it twice in 24 hours? And before you continue, open this in a new tab and close other music sources. You won't be disappointed.

  1. I love the movie
  2. I love the fandom
  3. I can't find gen!fics or 50% of my favorite subject (this has been fixed by now, more in the footnotes)

Sep 23, 2012

Shoot to Thrill

Arvatkaas, kuka löysi uuden lempileffansa viime sunnuntaina ja katsoi sen kahdesti vuorokauden sisään?

Enne kuin jatkatte, klikatkaa tämä auki uuteen välilehteen ja sulkekaa muut musiikinlähteet. Ette tule katumaan.

  1. vitun hyvä leffa
  2. vitun hyvä fandom
  3. ei löydä shippaamattomia ficcejä + en löydä puolta siitä mitä etsin

Asiaan. Ensin taustat. En ole mikään supersankarileffojen fani, Spider-Manit ei kiinnosta ym. En tiedä mikä sai alunperin harkitsemaan tämän leffan näkemistä silloin toukokuussa kun oli valkokankaalla. Ajattelin vain että "olishan toi kiva nähdä, kun nyt vähän muitkain on katsontalistalla". (Nälkäpeli ja Iron Sky. Omistan muuten nyttemmin molemmat DVDllä, ja Nälkäpelin kävin katsomassa.)
Enpä sitten mennytkään katsomaan sitä keväällä, mutta kesällä kun netti .giffas taistelut, oli aika coolia katsoa kaikki "dramaattiset" kohdat.
Enivei, nykypäivään. Vuokrasin DVDn viime sunnuntaina ja VITTU OLIKO HYVÄ LEFFA. Kiroilin vaan vähän kun oli tosi pimee metsätaistelu enkä saanut siitä kohtaa kunnolla selvää. Ja vaikka olinkin nähnyt yhtä sun toista leffasta netissä, ei minulla ollut juonesta hajuakaan.

May 13, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Huomisesta (sunnuntaista) tulee ongelmia. Hirveästi peräkkäisiä ohelmia jokta haluan kattoa, eikä yhtään aikaa välissä. Hitto että ollaan iskällä, äidin luona ei ois niin iso ongelma.

Ongelma: Legend of Korra. Korran kuudes jakso oli übermahtava! Lin... Korra... Tenzin/Lin on/oli canonia... Pabu on söötti! Asami on mahtava, samoin Shiro Shinobi, joka on niiden Mertaranta! Ja Amon... Steve Blum oli oikea ääni hänelle.
  Tämä siis pitäisi katsoa uusiksi, jotta äiti näkee mistä on kyse XD Mutta...

a. Suomi-USA matsi alkaa 15.55 ja päättyy 18.45. Eli mun pitää olla tämä aika liimattuna telkun ääreen kuin tatti. Valitettavasti oon iskällä, missä sunnutaipäivällispöydässä muuten istutaan. >.< Äidin luona vois napata ruokalautasen ja palata olohuoneseen, jopa kattoa matsi äidin kanssa. (Oli btw. TOSI kiva kattoa se Suomi-Kanada matsi. Eka Suomella meni hyvin ja sit Kanada jyräs.) Eli missaan ainakin puol tuntia jäkismatsista päivällisen takia.

b. Myytinmurtajat alkaa 20.00 ja lopupuu hieman ennen yhdeksää. Eli jäkiksen ja Myytinmurtajien välissä mun pitää - viidessätoista minuutissa - siirtyä iskältä äidille. Jos en pakkaa konetta etukäteen niin aikaa jää vielä vähemmän. Ja Tumblr sekoilee kännykällä niin mieluummin pitäisin koneen auki + livebloggaan pelejä ja se on helpompaa koneella niin en varmana kirjota tagia (Amy liveblogs ice hockey matches) väärin.

c. Indiana Jones ja Kristallikallon valtakunta alkaa 21.00 ja ajattelin katsoa sen suorana. Ei ongelmaa, ellei äiti mene maantaina töihin aikaisin(vain yksi telkku jossa digiboksi). Tai ehkei muutnakaan, kestää puoli kahteentoista... Ja tuo leffa on aika tylsä, joten voin jättää sen myöhemmäksi.

Päätelmät: joudun katsoman Korran joko a. Myytinmurtajien päälle, mistä pikkuveli ei tykkää, tai b. Kristallikallon aikana, jolloin itse leffa menee ensi viikkoon ellei jää jopa katsomatta.

Btw. Indiana Jones -kirjoja ei ole Satakunnassa T.T

:3 musiikiksi urheilun kestosuosikki XD

Apr 14, 2012

JAAAA thinspis

TÄMÄ. BAMF. On nimeltään Korra. 17, eteläisen vesiheimon jäsen; seuraava Avatar Aangin jälkeen.
(Hallitsi kolmea elementtiä viisivuotiaana, kesytti jääkarhukoiran ja jaksaa nostaa aikuisen miehen ja kolme lasta kerralla.) (Ja nyt pelastaa maailman lökäreissä ja UGGeissa.)

Jaa miksi juuri Korra on mun thinspis? Ehkä siksi, että me näytetään samalta: siniset silmät, ruskeat hiukset. Osittain myös siksi, että Korralla on yks maailman parhaista persoonallisuuksista XD Korra tekee mitä haluaa välittämättä muiden mielipiteistä; uskaltaa suuttua ihmisille, mutta pystyy myös pyytämään anteeksi.

Ja Korra ei ole tikku, vaan tukeva. Luonnollisen näköinen.

tl;dl: Korra ei pelkästään ole mun thinspis, vaan haluaisin ihan oikeasti olla Korra.